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Feb 3, 2016

Bobby apologizes to six people including Charlie Sheen.

Judge Neutral Nancy gives her unbiased verdict.

Khalyla goes over the possible benefits of sucking on goat teats.

We discuss the log cabin days, cloning siblings, a stalker from Florida and how to lie to win.

"We are but a patch of blossoming flowers." -B. Lee


Recorded February 01, 2016

Music by Bobby Lee

Instagram: @tigerbelly

Twitter: @thetigerbelly

over five years ago

Bobby seriously needs to stop being a little bitch and just own the fact that he runs his mouth and it is fucking hilarious every single time. It's an intrinsic and thoroughly entertaining part of his being! Just accept it. Please. You've been fretting over this for years already (O&A). You're the insult comic that doesn't know he's an insult comic, it's great! Everyone who is deeply offended by you always ends up being some struggling hack who takes themselves way too fucking seriously, anyway. If I'm lying then how come I never gave a single hot fuck about them until their name was all up in you mouth? Damn. This comment turned out sexy ass hell.