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Feb 24, 2016

Bobo has a nightmare audition.

Khalyla gives Pacman a pass... sort of.

Gilbo is triggered to tears.

We talk radioactive watermelons, a butterfinger stash, and why Maurice hates Asians.


Recorded February 22, 2016

Music by Bobby Lee

Instagram: @tigerbelly

Twitter: @thetigerbelly

Feb 17, 2016

Our pal Asa gets healed by a quack.

Bobby receives the best haircut of his life.

Khalyla finally gets some support on the analingus debate.

Gilbo is smitten after someone calls him "a catch."

We walk down a memory lane lined with OxyContin, write letters to inmates, and fall in love with Suki all over again.



Feb 10, 2016

Bobby is spineless and accepts that he is Chinese.

Khalyla believes there are more Lees than Smiths.

Willow and Jaden Smith might soon have a flirty Filipino boy for a stepdad.

We talk baby names, Asian shame, and a niece named Larry.


Recorded February 09, 2016

Music by Bobby Lee

Instagram: @tigerbelly


Feb 3, 2016

Bobby apologizes to six people including Charlie Sheen.

Judge Neutral Nancy gives her unbiased verdict.

Khalyla goes over the possible benefits of sucking on goat teats.

We discuss the log cabin days, cloning siblings, a stalker from Florida and how to lie to win.

"We are but a patch of blossoming flowers." -B....