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Oct 21, 2015

Bobo does the chicken dance.

Gilbo Baggins digs himself an even deeper grave.

We talk REM sleep, dead relationships, and how to be a good samaritan (hint: it's not by playing Bejeweled Blitz)

Please write back Joanna. 


Recorded October 19, 2015

Music by Bobby Lee


Instagram: @tigerbelly

Twitter: @thetigerbelly

steven yuen
five and a half years ago

podcast is amazing, talk about steven yeun getting killed in walking dead, also would love it if you guys called steve lee and ask him stuff so so funny

five and a half years ago

Plz plz if ur on Xbox one what is your gamertag mine is logospiffy187 been listening since dvdasa would love to raid bro

five and a half years ago

please never break up.
most magia couple ever.