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Mar 14, 2018

Jonathan Edgar Park teaches Bobo some new words. We talk thin lips, half chubs, rap battles, and spilling secrets to strangers. Promo Code: Belly

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Mar 7, 2018

Will is Mystique. Bobo is a jellyfish. We talk shark games, mind minerals, a Shakespearean betrayal, Canadian math, and Ronaldo Chappelle. Promo Code: Belly

Feb 28, 2018

Bobo finds a million. Koloko slums. George insists on seven. We talk Olympic cons, baby fever, Millie from Vegas, and the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Feb 21, 2018

Brody is a beautiful enigma. Bobo catches science eyes. We talk positive energy, thinking lean, a tilted pelvis, and hippie dicks.

Feb 14, 2018

Joe and Bobby have one night in Vegas. We talk bathroom line etiquette, fathers on the run, joysticks, and Geraldine’s.